"Chi sa respirare sa cantare; he who knows how to breathe knows how to sing."   18th Century Italian Proverb

Being an artist is, and always has been, a very challenging journey.  One of the most valuable lessons that I have learned through my own journey is that every singer, regardless if they are a beginner or a seasoned professional, cannot progress on their own. The guidance of a devoted and experienced teacher with a healthy and natural technique is essential.  Vocal development encompasses physical, sensory and mental training. Because each student is a unique individual, the experienced teacher understands how to develop the singing voice in the healthiest and most efficient way for each student.

My technique is based mostly on the Manuel Garcia and Enrico Caruso vocal technique which was taught to me by Metropolitan Opera baritone Kim Josephson. The basics of the support consist of keeping the ribs open as the phrase is sung while relaxing the throat completely, maintaining a constant breath flow. This is called thoracic or intercostal breathing.  As well as allowing the full, natural voice to emerge, this technique avoids vocal problems such as strained vocal cords or nodes.
PERU TEACHING PROJECT For the past three summers I've been going to Lima to teach vocal technique. I created a workshop for students to take lessons twice a week for one month. Depending on their financial capabilities some students attended for two months and others took a few private lessons. The students come from universities and conservatories from different parts of Lima.
I like to give a recital at the end of the workshop. The results always surpass my expectations. The students sound more natural, have a greater breathing capacity and double (if not triple) their power. The results have been so significant that more students learn about the workshops and arrive to attend, some for lessons and others to listen. Many local vocal coaches come to listen as well.

Change requires time and hard work. Since starting this project three years ago I have already seen tremendous results. A few singers have won competitions and feel much freer when singing than ever before. I can only imagine what lies ahead. 

I teach all voice ranges, and work with young students and professionals.  
Our lessons include:
  • Breathing exercises and support development
  • Posture, relaxation and muscle awareness
  • Song and aria literature for study and performance  
  • Audition preparation
  • Performance preparation
Please feel free to call (571) 276-5866 or email
ecastro0163@gmail.com to schedule your lesson.
571-276-5866      ecastro0163@gmail.com